Pinspotter Training

We can train your staff, in your center, on proper pinspotter adjustments, preventative maintenance, “Frames per Stop” and parts inventory based on the standards set by QubicaAMF. This type of training is more one on one, which is different than typical classroom training. Plus they will be learning on the exact equipment that they will be working on. We go through all of the adjustments in the pinspotter manual. We provide you with a “Preventative Maintenance Plan” based on the number of lanes in your center. We provide laminated sheets for your staff to use. This will allow you to monitor how the program is progressing. We include a list of suggested spare parts and offer suggestions how to organize them. We also provide “Pinspotter Stop Sheets” for daily reporting and “Pinspotter Summary Report” for determining your “Frames per Stop”

If the program we set up for you is followed properly we guarantee that your “Frames per Stop” will increase. More importantly your customers will notice the improvement.

Most training programs are typically last 3-5 days. Depending upon the number of people being trained it will typically 2-3 days to set up a maintenance program, set up a frames per stop program and go through all of the adjustments. Any additional days will be used for chassis, motor, and gearbox repair training and basic pinspotter electrical review.

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