Preventative Maintenance Programs

Synthetic Lanes
If you have synthetic lanes we recommend periodically re-sealing your panel seams. With our “Program” we lift the end of one panel at each seam, remove any old sealant, clean the panel edges, re-apply new sealant. Then each seam is inspected and adjusted if needed to meet USBC specifications. We then inspect the pin decks and flat gutters and adjust if needed to make sure they are within USBC specifications. We also check the cross tilt and lane depressions as they do in your yearly USBC inspections and correct them as needed.

What is NOT covered in our “Standard Program”

*****If a lane panel or pin deck is way out of USBC specifications and requires that the panel or pin deck be removed to correct the wood lane or underlayment underneath an additional fee will be charged.

Are your pinspotters not performing as well as they should be????
Would you like to see your “Frames per Stop” higher????
We can get your pinspotters back to factory specifications.

We prefer to customize a maintenance program for each individual center. We want to be flexible based on your needs. Some centers are looking for service on a weekly or every other week basis. Other centers can handle minor problems and are looking for a monthly or quarterly program. We have even done some yearly or twice a year programs.
Typically centers get to a point where they are having a lot of problems before they contact us.
In these cases it usually takes 2-3 visits to get things under control. Many times we will schedule these visit's 2 weeks apart. Then after the major issues are under control we can change to a longer interval which at that time we can concentrate on true preventative maintenance.
One of the most important things we need from a bowling center is detailed information as to what problems they are having. We provide call sheets that we asked be filled out for every call you have.
This provides us a written log as to what needs to be addressed first and what can wait. The “Preventative Maintenance Program” that we use is the one QubicaAMF recommends.

Along with maintenance many times parts will be needed. Depending upon what you have on hand, sometimes in the beginning some problems cannot be corrected until the next visit when parts are available. We also make sure our service customers have working spare motors and chassis's at all times. We will even provide loaners at no charge if needed.

Our pricing is based upon location and frequency of our visits. We also offer discounts to our "Preferred Customers" on parts.

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